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The importance of inside design

In the choice of the kitchen the factors that need to be taken into consideration are very many.

The kitchen environment is certainly one of the most important spaces of the house as it is the place where you spend more time and perform various activities, not just those related to the preparation of food.

The kitchen is also one of the furnishings that tells a lot about the taste and status of the owner.

Usually you find a mood or a style and then select the model that best reflects your preferences and creates the desired atmosphere.

In the pursuit of aesthetic perfection, more attention is paid to detail and finishes, and in this context the beauty of the kitchen interior becomes one of the elements that can shift consumer choice : the quality and the quality of a piece of furniture must manifest itself in all its details and therefore the inside design becomes stylistically as important as the external appearance.

The new needs of today's consumer: the marriage between aesthetics and functionality.

A fundamental aspect that today is more and more critical element in the choice, is the preparation of the interior of the kitchen .

This feature of the furnishings is declined from two points of view : a purely aesthetic and a functional one .

Often one must favor one aspect at the expense of the other and the result is to compromise that does not give full satisfaction, especially given the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the house and requires an important financial commitment.

Having a "beautiful even inside" kitchen means having researched a product in which there is accuracy in the definition of detail by the manufacturing company: this is an indication of quality , attention to style , passion in the manufacture of products, the desire to stand out with innovative proposals that respond to changing market needs.

Stosa Cucine's approach to the product

Stosa Cucine has embraced this approach to the product at 360 °: Stosa kitchens combine quality and aesthetics in a cleverly successful blend, and respond, with their modular and completely mixable systems, to any type of requirement in terms of final yield.

All Stosa's proposals are the result of a real study of the functional characteristics that can make life in the kitchen practical and easy: when preparing food it is necessary, in fact, to have easy access to every utensil, complement and food, take advantage of immediate manner of internal spaces, just as simple and fast must be cleaning them.

In addition, not to be underestimated, the containment needs are increasingly pressing nowadays: do not do the shopping every day and opt for well-supplied dispensations.

It is essential then to be able to make the most of all available space, without waste and with intelligence, even more so if the kitchen area should not be large.

The Stosa kitchens are designed in this spirit: to combine research of design and functionality in a product stylistically fine and performing.

Attention to the interior of the kitchen is more for Stosa than a simple passion for details. The variety of available solutions allows each project to be personalized and aesthetically perfect.

The interior finishes of drawers, baskets and columns are chromatically coordinated with each other for a "Total Look" effect.

Stosa Cucine drawers and baskets

As for drawers and baskets, Stosa offers 3 standard colors for bases and sides : White , Titanium and Stone .

White sides and white background

Titanium side panels with titanium leather effect bottom

Stone sideboards with stone effect leather effect

Stone sideboards with stone effect leather effect

Stosa allows you to customize the interior with an exclusive series of color combinations: in fact, there are 7 finishes for the magnetic covers of the side panels of the drawers that create extremely elegant effects and contrasts of color and in line with the latest trends.

Stone drawers finish

Stone effect leather cover

black ash finish cover

Nordic oak finish cover

Titanium drawer finish

Titanium leather effect cover

cover in desert oak finish

Drawer finish White

ash white finish cover

knotted oak finish cover


The removable columns of Stosa Cucine

To take full advantage of all the available space , Stosa has developed a series of extractable columns : these are modules that optimize the overall dimensions and are equipped with internal accessories that make the most difficult corners to be exploited accessible.

The removable columns available are from 15 to 30 cm up to 45-60 cm, with glass or metal wire edges and baskets in melamine effect leather in Stone and Titanium colors .

30 cm rotating column

Total View 30 cm rotating column


Total 45-60 cm rotating column

45-60 cm rotating column with 5 internal baskets


The equipped bases of Stosa Cucine

Also as regards the bases, Stosa amazes with a series of effective proposals in the exploitation of space.

Corner base with extractable group

Corner base with revolving baskets

Corner base with Fly Moon rotating baskets

Corner base with removable baskets


By integrating its kitchens with technological and innovative systems, Stosa Cucine confirms its attention to the needs of consumers: being close to people, improving their quality of life, facilitating their daily gestures and understanding their needs are just some of the characteristics inherent in the DNA of company, which for this reason can be defined as a SPECIAL AMAZING .


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